7th opening countdown: 5 days
Zhou Xiaofei
Deputy Secretary-General of the National Development and Reform Commission
Steven Chu
Former Secretary of Energy Department of the United States, Winner of Nobel Prize, Professor of Stanford University
Liu Yanhua
Counselor of the State Council, former Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology
Zhu Min
Dean of the National Research Institute of Finace,Tsinghua University,Former Deputy Governor of the people's Bank of China,Former Vice President of the International Monetaty Fund
He Jiankun
Director of the Academic Committee of the Institute of low carbon Economics, Tsinghua University, and Former Deputy President of Tsinghua University
Ren Shuben
Director General of the Department of Resource Conservation and Environmental Protection of National Development and Reform Commission
Xu Lin
Former Director of the China Center for Urban Development of the National Development and Reform Commission , Chairman of China-US Green Fund
Zhu Xiaoming
Director of the Ethnic, Religious and Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee of Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee
Ai Xuefeng
Vice Mayor of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, Member of Party Leadership Group
Huang Xiaoyong
Vice President of the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Dean of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Tang Jie
Former Vice Mayor of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, Professor of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen
Wu You
Deputy Secretary-General of the People’s Government of Shenzhen Municipality
Ba Shusong
Managing Director, Chief Economist of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) and Chief Economist of the China Banking Association (CBA)
Fang Zhou
Research Director at the One Country Tow Systems Research Institute
Xiong Peijin
Chairman of Shenzhen Energy Group Co.,Ltd.
Chen Yiyan
National Survey and Design Master, President of Shenzhen Municipal Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Ye Qing
Chairwoman of Shenzhen Institute of Building Research Co., Ltd.
Kang Yanbing
Director of the Research Center of Energy Sustainable Development, Energy Research Institute of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)
Xi Wenhua
Director-General of Asia-Pacific Research and Training Center for Solar Energy
Eric Smith
Professor of Practice of the Freeman School of Business and Former Deputy Director of Energy Research Institute of Duran University
Ge Xingan
President of Shenzhen Emissions Exchange
Zhao Changying
Liang Chunyu
Senior Technical Specialist of the Secretariat of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - Banque Ouest Africaine De Developpement Regional Cooperation Center
Han Xiya
Scientific Engineering Associate at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory of the U.S.
Shen Yiyang
Senior Energy and Green Finance Consultant for the UNDP and the ADB

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